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I recall meeting Jim Henson and discussing the Velveteen Rabbit'

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feels, animals in video games, souls 

Damn it.

So, I knew in theory there was an alt cut scene for Great Grey Wolf Sif if you save him in the past before you fight him in the present. So this play through, I decide to go for it.

I have a hard enough time facing Sif already. I didn't need him sniffing me, recognising me, and pulling away with a mournful howl before I can pet him before he goes to grab Artorias' sword.

Damn it.

The collectors and scholars brought their pristine first editions and their rare volumes to the author.

But a young reader made their way to the front of the signing.

They timidly placed their book in front of it's author. They felt embarresment and immediate regret. It wasn't gilded like the other books, or uncommon or special like the others'.

The reader pulled their hand away from their third-hand, dog-eared, fifteenth edition copy of the book.

But the author for first time piqued up. They opened the book and signed it.

The young reader quietly tried to apologize, "It's not valuable..."

The author reassured the reader:

"Those other tomes...

they are prized only in being untouched. They are like flawless gems, like every other valuable jewel. But this.."

The author handed over the signed book with all the reverence and care in the world.

"This book is priceless because of your love."

#TootFic #MicroFiction

I just learnt that Switter shut down earlier this year. Very sad news. Really nice people over there. (And yes, I knew they were sex workers, but still they were cool and I miss them.)

TIL tomatoes are berries (in a botany context).

@edclayand No, apparently, those are collective fruits. Berries are formed from a single flower and collective fruits are from a bunch of flowers forming a single fruit, as seen with the pineapple.


I have been to anime panels. Not one voice actor ever would speak like this. They talk about their process, their career, their love of their job.

This sounds like right-wing propaganda. To be anti-union and pro Texas, but filtered through an anime voice actor.



Vic is misleading.

Right to work doesn't guarantee you a job. Right to work means the company can fire you without any plausible reason. Guess where Funimation was located?



the big five record labels became the big four, and then the big three, and the people who benefitted from this consolidation weren't the people who loved happening across weird records on the racks in a mall store. this case is important


Oh. Oh. And comedian and voice-over actor Pat Carroll has passed away at 95. Okay. Okay. This is fine. We just lost the OG Uhuru and the voice of Ursala from the Little Mermaid (who was ALWAYS down to reclaim the role).

Anything else? Wait... Susan Blu better be safely chillin' with her wife or I'm just gonna be done for the day!

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Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Nyota Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series, has passed away at 89 years old.

And there goes one of the best. Awesome voice actor too.

And phone at 18% the one night i don't have a charger in my bag.

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Lock won't turn. Stuck outside apartment. Have shift tomorrow. Speaking like Shatner.

@simSalabim I’d steer clear of his entire instance, I’ve heard it’s nothing but hackers. :pika:@thegibson

@thegibson don't click that link! This man is a hacker! 😉

Damn, a lot of sign ups slipped in on my instance before I tightened up the joining process. (fetches suspendhammer) Whelp...

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