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In the decade-plus that I've been reading and watching Caitlin Doughty, I've become increasingly aware that even death is no escape from late-stage capitalism - indeed, if you have the misfortune to die unprepared, you will pass out of this world attended by a monopolistic, rapacious, price-gouging monopoly.


Writing today for *Propublica*, Carson Kessler delivers an essential piece of service journalism: "How to Avoid Being Overcharged for a Funeral," whose advice and analysis is exactly the kind of clear guidance needed to carry you through a very difficult moment:


The queen died and stocks went up, therefore we should transition to a regicide-based economy

Going to be serializing a novel online. Can anyone suggest something instead of patreon?

patreon just laid off their entire security team 

so that's probably not a great sign

long post with some analysis 

@skadi @apophis @placholdr Yeah, like that's one of the things that is a result of britain's political system being almost entirely based on precedent and everybody just "carrying on as usual" because there are things that could legally happen which would have the whole country like "errr, what do we do now"

There's also the fact the armed forces all swear allegiance to the sovereign, and the sovereign is the commander in chief

It's honestly a really weird system that could break so easily if some people were just like "what if I didn't do that tho" like when the queen's uncle married a divorced American Catholic

There's also the fact that Charles isn't very popular, i think there was a poll in 2019 in which 46% said he should instantly abdicate

I remember a trending hashtag on twitter a while back #AbolishTheMonarchy but amusingly, a lot of the working class people in the tag were angry at the queen because she wasn't doing something about all the crises hitting the country and was "allowing this cruel government to continue", some people pointed out that what they wanted wasn't abolition but absolutism

Given Charles' low popularity, if he lives another 20 years and does absolutely nothing of value during what is clearly a time of crisis and worsening quality of life, I think the popularity is going to plunge even further as he's just seen on a gold throne looking pretty while people suffer, but without the "nice old lady" image to protect him

Paradoxically I think the only way for him to actually gain popularity is to actually act and do things that are popular with the people, especially given the current Labour party are basically a controlled opposition that can't even get in since they lost Scotland to the SNP

I do think it will be interesting to see what he does especially due to his very strong opinions on things like the climate, which were noted as unusual for somebody of his position, and it's whether he could in good conscious sign in something like a fracking bill into law given he's straight up advocated a military style response to climate change

Either he's going to be pressured by his advisors into basically just smiling and waving or put "UK Constitutional Crisis" on your bingo card

She has been in power longer than any African country has been free.

She has been in power before India was free.

She was the colonizer. Not someone who inherited it. She actively did it. And I'm glad she can't hurt anyone else

bad joke about white people 

white people can't simulate circuits because they don't have a SPICE tolerance

So the BBC has a media blackout for 2 weeks, right? I say Scotland just leaves while that is happening. Nobody's watching they can just hit da bricks

markov post 

If I’m not on the list of maybe future projects. I have no context and wtf is going to link the video I’ve seen, but cows do this at chains, though? I wouldn’t want to just the chip foundry, don't worry about the semantic web.And refuse to understand.

Well, Queen Liz is dead.

... affects me about as much as her life did.

Show this chart to crypto fanatics and say it's a crypto chart: "Obviously it will go to the Moon any time now"

Show this chart to crypto fanatics and say it's COVID rates: "This means COVID is totally over, it's clearly just hype, something something big pharma"

@edclayand just had a tinfoil hat thought: they deliberately made it suck for everyone who's got a vested interest in the setting in order to make sure it's totally un/dissatisfying and they'll actually make a good movie next time and the need for closure will boost ticket sales

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