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one of the beautiful and infuriating things about the #MovieBowl is that is always has and forever will be existing in this quantum state of "100% correct" and "100% wrong"

Friends, a query of identity. 

What do you see me as in Wrestling Terms?

@edclayand :pikachusmirk::pikachusmirk:

(Young lady is fine too, young nb is good 👍)

@edclayand @rgegriff

I was being snarky.

Just having fun with the moviebowl.

When is 2001 MovieBowl?

We could experience this all over again, but over Zoolander. 🤔

Back to the point:

Professional investors are not smarter than you, because even when presented with reams of data on any possible sector of the economy, they'll still base their decisions on what everyone else is doing.

They stampede like cattle.

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Chipotle is fast food Russian roulette, with each meal posing the question as to what possible food contamination you'll risk ingesting today.

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The takeaway:

Wall Street decided that because Snap's ad revenue was down, the entire online ad model was collapsing.

Because of Snap.

Of fucking *Snap.*

Meanwhile Alphabet's like "Nah, ads are fine yo."

The very smart people on Wall Street aren't.

please give me money to help me to be able to help more people 

My collective is tight on money.

Part of the reason, is that we've spent our own money over the past few months on mutual aid projects.

$240 was spent on air filters for making filter cubes for my community space and to share with other people to help provide them clean air, in event of hazardous smoke in the air when there are regional wildfires.

$235 was spent on materials to construct a temporary wall in my house to make the ground floor of my house usable for community space.

I also just spent $100 on a garden hose and attachments to install a mist sprayer on the front side of my house, which is on a busy road, to help cool people down because it's too fucking hot outside. The rest of this week the high will be above 100F

These expenses can be seen on the budget section of my opencollective page:

Money contributed to my Opencollective page is a tax deductible charitable donation, and once my balance exceeds the amount of an unpaid expense, I'll get that money paid back to me.

Getting my projects paid for is how I'm able to keep doing more things to help more people.

Donate here:

Pictured: the wall and a filter cube that this money will reimburse me for.

How do you keep bacon from curling in the pan?

Take away its tiny brooms.

The Fifth Element wins or I will eat the last Choco Taco on Earth.


Ladies, if you're headed to Anime Matsuri, get ready for a bunch of weird dudes convinced they have swag to descend upon you like a large family after church headed down to Golden Corral, thanks to panels like these.


@edclayand For suree! Here you go!

I'm not sure what the fork is for but you know.. if we can fork something we do it! :gitea:

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