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The news: "Philips has made less sales past year."

Okay.. cool. Poor poor company, a few billion less profit :sad_cat:

I just got head-hunted from They wrote:


Tried to call but was unsuccessful in reaching you. Given your role as the Product Security Engineer at Texas Instruments Incorporated

I figured you’d be the best person to speak with regarding your security supply chain risk and cyber defense.

(rest elided)

Mmmmhmmmm. Here's my response to them:

The irony is not lost on me that you're reaching out to me about a security-adjacent position, especially supply-chain, when you are so openly vulnerable to external and deleterious influence yourself. I have never worked for Texas Instruments, as even a cursory investigation of my LinkedIn profile would show.

One of two possibilities explain this discrepancy. First, your
company is purchasing mailing lists from a screen-scraping spammer (at best), or perhaps a state-sponsored actor (at worst) intended on disseminating misinformation. Second, your organization is deliberately confounding prior roles in an attempt to goad people like
me into responding. The former indicates incompetence, the latter malice. In any event, I have precious little incentive in cooperating with your organization in the future.

Please remove me from your mailing lists (all of them), and do not reach out to me again.

I should have noted that no phone number from their area code appears in my call logs, indicating that they were liars too; but, this seemed satisfying enough of a "oh HELL no" response.

Beware of these folks.

Reading old diet books... dudes, you do not realise how BIG people were on eugenics, and how much damn STUPID it enables.

@thegibson @grabi Welcome to town, new friend! 🍍​🍍​🍍​

Be sure to fill out your character sheet and pick your class! I would recommend "paladin/shitposter" as a good first class if you are new; you can always respec later!

I don't recall where I encountered this phrase, but I think it should be my motto.


Eh, you! Right there! I'm the official federated dopey Canadian Uncle. And you? All of you reading this? Don't be a jerk. I know you can be better.

OH this morning:

Child 1: I downloaded a modpack for Minecraft, and it did something to my browser and now it only uses this weird search engine.

Child 2: Oh yeah, Minecraft mods will fuck your shit up... Wait... on your Mac?

gonna let them try to handle this one.

transphobia - Firearms - violence 


Community matters.

I'm glad you're there helping.


I'm saying all of these things very calmly, but I'm honestly pretty worried about it, you know?

Like, my preference will always be to avoid these confrontations. My preference would be for the people who would start shit to just self select not to come here.

If they do come here, I would prefer for them to be uncomfortable and keep their mouth closed about it.

If they have to open their mouth, my preference would be for them to do it quickly, so I can eject them and move on with my day.

If they have to cause a scene, I would prefer for them to do it verbally, so I can make them look stupid as I eject them and move on with my day.

Up to this point, that's been as far as it's gone. We get some bad google reviews. That's... mostly it.

I hope it stays that way.

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transphobia - Firearms - violence 

It's funny, the new coffee shop in town has mostly absorbed the bigots who stopped shopping with us because we wouldn't let them mistreat our staff, so I don't see nearly as much of this shit as I used to.

But the tourists walk through town spouting vile bullshit with a knowing wink are often slow to realize that, 1) we are not their friends, 2) I will not back down from defending our people.

This means that I am routinely, directly confronting someone on the floor of the shop, either for acting like an entitled shit, or for being a bigot.

We're in an open carry state. Lots of folks do. We're in a state where concealed permits are easy to come by. All it takes is for one True Believer who is willing to sacrifice their freedom "For The Children" to decide to take things too far.

Or, you know, to do what cowards do and wait until we close and bust out the windows, or set fire to the place, or whatever.

I feel pretty conflicted about weapons and violence, just generally. They are means to an end, but they are not means I care for, you know? Ditto surveillance cameras.

On the other hand, I will stand up for our community at any cost. Most bullies are also cowards, targeting the vulnerable opportunistically. We have to make sure that, if they start something, they regret it.

I dunno, this is just a thing I'm thinking about after seeing a bumper sticker implying that trans folks were dangerous on the back of a car leaving town this morning.

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re: transphobia - Firearms - violence 

@ajroach42 just saying from experiance that nothing confuses a conservative bully more than when left folks open carry. When I was much younger and more brash I would carry when I went to do errands. I made sure to always be wearing my marriage equality t-shirt as well. Might have to start that again.

Plus, I wouldn't be totally surprised if it would have a de-radicalizing effect on some folks. I think that there is a non-zero percentage of types who, absent having anyone they care about who is queer or non-white, will fall into right belief systems for dipshit reasons like "left hates guns" and "left hates jokes"

not into forcefem but def into encouragefem

You can't spell "progress" without "ogre".

I don't know if this means anything, but I thought it would be fun to point out.

I'm told this guy showed up in Vic's stream yesterday. He's a very young member of Vic's fan club, early college age. So Vic is dipping into his young impressionable fan base to give them voice work.

I'm reminded of all the young girls R. Kelly promised he'd give singing careers

RT Literally. He got one of his Risembool Ranger fanboys a role in at least one of those two anime movies.


Yall, if you haven't; go check out Filian. She is a vtuber and she's just delightful. Pure silly high-intensity chaos energy.

I learned more about capacitance the moment a black bean fell on my phone than in an entire semester of electricity and magnetism. 🤔

I was not a good physics student.

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