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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

-- Benjamin Franklin

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

I hear tech folks saying that RSS is dead, and people on social media saying that blogs are dead.

The problem with this is twofold:

- RSS is doing just fine, and not even remotely dead

- Blogs are doing just fine, and are not even remotely dead, either

There's this strange sort of defeatism around. "Well, we lost, so what can you do". Um, not undermine things that still work and are actively being used? Support them as well?

Sometimes technical work gives you words that are a particularly nice turn-of-phrase.

Today's coinage from a software task:

Elegant abandonment


"Read this horrible thing happening in your world!"

I'm in a bad place to see that right now


*does exactly that*

"Look at this fragile..."

Woke fediverse bringing you everything you loved about Twitter

red green's ethos that "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" proposes a model of masculinity that prioritizes putting oneself at the service of others, an almost perfect antithesis to modern western culture's toxic ideals of manhood. in this essay i will

toxic trans communities 

Like if you honestly believe that its fine to hate all cis people, you should probably talk to a therapist about that.

toxic trans communities 

we have to understand that as people dealing with a lot of pain and under a lot of pressure and stigma, alongside others going through similar nightmares we are unlikely to always make choices that are constructive.

We need to be more aware that actions and declarations that further isolate ourselves from others are probably acts of self harm.

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toxic trans communities 

y'know i have a belief that a lot of intense insular trans internet communities have created a lot of awful things that i honestly hope will fade away.

When a lot of trans people get together online and come up with rules for each other to aggressively enforce, where a lot of people are anonymous and VERY online, those who have yet to begin transition those looking for anything to let out or deflect their pain.. the chances people end up enabling toxic ideas is high


After watching the whole video through Contrapoints made about "cancelling" got me to the conclusion that this "cancelling" trend tit is something no zoomer should suck on. I'm neither defending nor attacking Contrapoints here for various reasons you know if you were long-time following me, but actively attacking a person based on what fuckups they once had is WRONG. If you actively support people who hate on other people that apologized for doing nothing you can unfollow me.

"There's one hole in any revolution, large or small—people. No matter how big an idea they stand under, people are small and weak and cheap and frightened. It's people that kill every revolution." Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan, Ellis/ Robertson

This essay framed by V for Vendetta keeps wanting to be written.

Whether the tech world chooses to accept it or not, there are still a couple of generations of folks who never mastered using a computer and are only now discovering the smartphone

Let's cut them some slack, shall we

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Theory: Older people aren't worse at discovering or using new technology. UIs are just worse at conveying function/intent

Some evidence:

"Beginning users and many intermediates relied almost exclusively on visible cues for finding commands. They relied on (and found intuitive) menu bars and tool bars, but did not use pop-up (or “context”) menus, even after training."

"All but the most advanced users did not understand how to manage overlapping windows efficiently."

people who wait for hollywood n other big-budget studios to do more than throw a half-assed bone for queers, women and minorities are just *eyeroll* 🙄

support marginalized artists! for the rest you can do as the pirates do

also what's really funny (depressing) is that US film has been editing gays/women/minorities for years to all kinds of countries but everyone just hates on china... china didn't even edit out the lesbian kiss, but people continue to blame china *anyway*. blame the producers who greenlight this shit

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