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being obnoxious is fun but being obnoxious for a good cause is even better bc it traps your target in a web of social conventions

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unabashedly gleeful blowing up my boss's inbox w accessibility feature requests

There is no greater feeling then when I tell the coworker who's not getting he's the problem in his relationship, "Bill, Tom and Edna are mad because you're acting like a fuckboi to both genders who could drop them ANYTIME" and having him blink and go, "fuck, you're right."

My.... my god...

Addison Cain's lawyer e-mailed me, and it only got worse from there

Honey, you got a big storm comin'. Original video: Merch: Twitter: @thelindsay...

And, as an aside: the problem is not algorithm bad. The problem is, algorithm is just a process. It isn't the magical ingoodener so many in IT business want it to be. It needs to be watched and tuned.

If someone criticizes you for sharing PDFs as "taking money away from people" that isn't true. Now, people downloading PDFs can be good for a person to show that their article is being used and whatnot.
All journals should be free. That's not on you.

Sci-hub and share away.

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Just so folks know - academics don't get paid for journals or any publication except books that They are the first name author of, and occasionally if there are graphs and whatnot you have to pay for those to be included (more likely in STEM)

Call of Cthulhu Overview

A multi-part series about the 7e Call of Cthulhu RPG from Chaosium. A good introduction to a great game.

The Terrible Secret of Mulholland Drive

I love watching interpetation that question the 'accepted' interpetation intelligently. But do watch Mulholland Drive before any explainer. Wonderful flick.

I'm rarely on Twitter these days,, but I just wanted to say thanks for the vids. I may never like a Zack Synder film, but there's a world of difference between not liking his take on something and trying to deny that take's possibility.

In Search Of A Flat Earth

Clickbait Title: The Twist at 37 Minutes Will Make You Believe We Live In Hell

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

TL;DR everything has a recycling triangle on it to make consumers feel better about buying plastics despite the fact that nobody has found a way to actually recycle the huge amount of plastic being disposed of through recycling bins and there was never any intent by Big Oil to actually invest in what would be their direct competition (recycled plastic rather than new plastic from petroleum products).

#Waste #Environment #Recycling #ClimateCrisis

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