In Search Of A Flat Earth

Clickbait Title: The Twist at 37 Minutes Will Make You Believe We Live In Hell

Because I needed the good nostalgia tears that's why
Darkwing Duck Opening (High Quality)

Darkwing Duck Opening (High Quality)

Jacob Gelrer pretty much nails all the reasons I love Machine Game's version of BJ.

Judaism and Whiteness in Wolfenstein

Samuel Beckett once said, “Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness”...on the other hand, he SAID it. -Art Spiegelman, 1992 Follow ...

Picard. Teaching the ancient martial art of Malicious Compliance. I'm pretty sure he and Sisko working together is some sort of war crime.

Watch "TNG Picard owns the Sheliak (Ensigns of Command)" on YouTube

Birth of the 13th Fleet - A Look at Legend of the Galactic Heroes (episode three)

And the folly of system vs. system thinking.

"Don't Get In The Damn Robot Mob!" (Evangelion, Mob Psycho 100, & learning to run away)

Or, why Regan is Best Guy and How to Adult. PendanticRomantic rocks.

An Active Vision (Game OverThinker)

Organized labor works. Organized labor improves and saves lives. Organized labor is good for workers, good for consumers and - yes - it’s good for companies.

This week's Fuckin' Eh Award goes to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington. They rejected a $100,000 gift with a rider requesting it be returned if it would be used to help trans girls. Bonus: a fundraiser to try to earn that much with no strings did so... and *tripled it*. Fuckin' Eh, ladies.

VidMe or Why Platforms Aren't Your Friends

... Dan makes some good points here. There's a section at 10:00 or so that I think is truly vital advice for anyone developing a video platform post YouTube.

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Grown-Ups of the 21st Century - The Little Prince | Renegade Cut

Millennials and Generation Z don't have any money, and the old world needs to fade away. Support Renegade Cut Media through Patreon:

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