I am 22:49 into 2021's Nobody, and Odenkirk's Hutch Mansell hasn't really thrown a punch yet.

I buy him more than any 'older shlubb with hidden bad ass ' you can name. The kind of guy John Wick (same writer for both) would sit down and talk it out with. Because both know the cost of a showdown...

... and I'm not even a half hour in.

This is gonna be goooooood.

My man stopped himself because the duo that took his house have a kid on a breathing machine. And he still may be storming, looking for an outlet... and still is after. But Hutch has a line, and knows context.

Him punching the wall after he leaves the little apartment worth less than his and his neighbor's house... chef's kiss.

Never seen Breaking Bad or Better Call. Know Saul ain't this.

Moved up on the to watch list because this Odenkirk guy can act.


Oh. Oh... so this is what people meant by the bus scene— DID HE JUST CRUSH THE DUDE'S WINDPIPE AND THEN GIVE HIM A straw tracheostomy because DEATH WAS MORE THAN HE WANTED TO HAPPEN? (When you shout so loud you need to breathe)

... partly shot in Winnipeg.

Okay, they braved Winnipeg. The folks that worked on Nobody are truly dedicated. /used to live just outside Winnipeg, because his family was only so insane.

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