Part of me wants sleep. Part wants writing time. Part wants 18 bag of Doritos.

Masto mods and admins, please open - new anti-spam tool 

I think half the reason I don't use social media as much as some is because I fundementally doubt the benifit of venting.

So, Danny of /@GameGrumps and just gave me nostalgia for an '80s anime that never existed. Well played. Yes these are tears I'll admit it

Oh, gawd my sister fell down the neocon rabbit hole while I wasn't looking.

Listening to the Warframe OST. Some really good beat Work, a few limp tracks.

Yes, I'm waiting for a bus... but it is not raining. Don't bug Satellite High. Repeat, no rain, just waiting for bus.

I don't think I can hear the big fuzzy guitars in Big Sugar's Better Get Used To It and not smile.

"This map sucks, start again."
Huh. Funny, Self Doubt, how you only mention that when I reach river placement. Something I'm not sure in and find a hassle.
"... no, you're just sucking—"
Joke's on you, I've learned by the time you start being a voice, it's time to ignore you.

I don't care if you boost me, engage me, favourite me. That's nice, but I'm happier if something I say just helps you get from a to b.

Remember, whatever your ideals, we are all trying to survive. Punching down is in no way helping, from whatever illusionary position of height your privileges give you.

Birth of the 13th Fleet - A Look at Legend of the Galactic Heroes (episode three)

And the folly of system vs. system thinking.

The Fear of Hereditary | Renegade Cut

What if we harm the innocents? What if we become like all the others? Support Renegade Cut Media through Patreon:

Watch Radio Dead Air by Nash Bozard on Livestream

Watch Nash Bozard's Radio Dead Air on

re: "FOSS developers should use this explicitly non-open-source license so they can get paid in some undisclosed way" discourse 

DST-Hating Reps in Washington State Vote To 'Ditch the Switch'

Random guy: Gag! Rage Against The Machine went all SJW!

Me, a long time RATM fan: 'Went'?

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