Dropbox doing weird things to my linux mint install, failing to load and leaving my drive in write only mode. May need to reinstall os.

Also, I can hear my sinuses bubble under the weight of my dust allergy. Wish I had root access to re install those.

It's kinda amusing and sad to me that a significant chunk of the web is unusable with JavaScript enabled. It's like the bad old days of Flash malarkey all over again

My favourite wrestling show.
Watch "Too Wrestlemania for One Night || sWs Ep55" on YouTube


Oliver creates art.
Watch "Beauty in Ugly Times | Philosophy Tube" on YouTube


Fred talks about the instrument he plays.

Watch "The Hurdy Gurdy | Down the Rabbit Hole" on YouTube


Google keeps asking me if I have a child, like I am just spawning them one a day or something

I am the parent object of all objects in my game does that count

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Day off from my Essential Services job slinging coffee. I'm not kidding, who the fuck else will keep everyone else awake.

Hello my name is Charlene, I've been playing animal crossing since the Gamecube, and today I realized he's called Tom Nook cuz he's a Ta-Nuki

Get home. Turn on Radio Dead Air. Rise Against followed by Tom Waits. Everything's a little better.

Watch "Bear and Goose at the End of Everything" on YouTube


A favourite of mine.

xkcd: Pathogen Resistance


We're not trapped with it, it's trapped with us.

Started reading the Sprawl trilogy (Neuromancer).

“The sky above the port was the color of television, turned to a dead channel.”

I wonder how many people are too young to understand the very first sentence.

There's this repeat tone in Shuttle358's piece My Backyard that I swear I fee in my sinus cavities.

one of the things I hate most about politics, all politics, left and right, is the objectification of people, the reduction of people to their usefulness to a cause. We are so much more than just blocks of power to be built. Yes, I believe in the strength of us together, I believe in the masses, I believe in community and its abilities. But I fundamentally believe that any effort to organize people must view them as people, must be open to the real concerns of whoever we're looking in the eye.

Watch "What Makes a Great Secret?" on YouTube. The Architect of Games is always worth a look.


Watch "The Tragic Story Behind The Worst Fantasy Book Ever Written" on YouTube.

I respect Dom's self reflection here.


Help my sister has fallen down the alt right youtube rabbit hole and doesn't understand why I won't jump in after her.

The problem is not that there are no good kings. The problem is that 1) so few of us are that good, and 2) the kingdom is prone to exploits.

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