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Scheduled for Saturday...

Looking forward to that tasty, tasty serum made of MAGA Tears.

If ever you find yourself magically transported to the world of your favourite novel, kids... you've already derailed canon. Fergitabutit. Just accept it.

It's frustrating how cryptocurrency has poisoned all conversation about decentralization.

Realization: NFTs are the fabric softener of money laundering.

interesting consumer electronics discovery: heart beat monitors 

Today while I was exercising I reminded my hands from the sensor handle for around a minute. When I put them back, it took a while to reveal my pulse. It slowly began to raise from 0 to 130bpm.

After thinking it for a while, I realized why: The bpm counter uses an analog to digital converter, and it's calibrated to a certain voltage.

Everytime my heart beats, it amplifies the
electrical pulse and feeds it to a small charge capacitor so that the voltage between its terminals can remain relatively stable; then the ADC measures the voltage and gives you the pulse in bpm.

Much simpler circuitry than I had imagined.

Ingenious! 🤓


Freelance Opportunity for Female Video Game Writers: “Looking for female video game writers for a new women’s gaming site that is launching soon. $200 per ~1000 word article, topics include Valorant, League of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and more.” To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread. #writing #SubmissionCalls #WritingJobs


Raising money for someone close to us. The Pandemic left them unemployed. They'd had an arrangement with their landlord, but now the landlord is selling the place out from under them. She'll be moving across country and we'll have to buy some things to convert a living room into a bedroom for her. Come and hang out for some Kingdom Hearts nostalgia, and please spread the word if you can!

#Fundraiser #TransCrowdfund #KingdomHearts


I guess this makes it official?

Happy Regular Crispy Day everyone! that depends on what you use the cardboard for. For the straws, there's plenty of articles that give some rather clear reasons for why paper straws are actually complete and utter bullshit:

Short reason: cardboard and paper are easy to recycle, yes, IF the material isn't contaminated with other substances. So for the paper straws, they actually get too contaminated by the drinks you suck through them, so the entire straw can't be recycled anymore. Thus, the paper straw is actually more harmful than the plastic straw.

Shit, shit, shit! I am picturing the three nations locked in war and their long suffering neighbors! I'm world building! SAVE ME

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Oh no! I'm clearly picturing them in my head! Having animated conversations! I KNOW THEIR POLITICAL POSITIONS! AIEEEE!

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Help! Help! I'm being inspired to write an isekai story with op protagonists!

capitalism/socialism; paying for Free Software 


I think I've reached the point where this kind of analysis feels too simple to me

we really ought to step back and look at the way that not only do some people not have money to donate OR need pay in order to contribute,
but that there are people (like me) who are pushed into paid work AND out of consumption *at the same time*

there's a "proletarianisation" in software/art/etc where existing conditions make people workers / customers


Lilly Wachowski is one of the writers, producers, and the director of The Matrix trilogy!



( open up open source social network)

(Flooded with alt-right antivax conspiracy shite)

(Sigh and close)

what do you call a pastor which is sus 


have a nice day

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