Copypasting this to the #XR and #ExtinctionRebellion hashtags:

XR Scotland just did a surprisingly awesome thing, publishing the statement On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR. They also provided a very good list of critiques of XR on the topic.


Bought Mario Maker 2. Sadly, lacked the expected instructions. Now, plan b. Clone a Mario. .

I still can't get over how good a motto "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" is when you're suffering from executive dysfunction or physical disabilities

Like, of course it's awesome to thoroughly clean your place once a week or biweekly but if the mere thought of it is causing you to break down, vacuuming for five minutes is so much more than doing nothing

It's the best piece of advice I got in what feels like forever

Was halfway through the newest God of War when I started hoping Xena and Gabby would show up and help Kratos and his son.

I really don't regret blocking or silencing any instance. I'm sitting here going through my list and I remember why I blocked/silenced each and every one of them.

Every once in awhile I check to see if there has been any growth, but, unsurprisingly, the people who I block PV access for are still the same tired bigots babbling about the same tired shit.

It's remarkable how some people refuse to learn *anything* in the two years I've been here, but that's what bigot do.

... Planescape: Torment is on the Switch? If you never see me again...

Still hashing out some thoughts on this, but this idea is sticking with me: fascism is a political metagame. It can be used in many political formats, and does not care where it starts from.

Watching the bars on a linux update file... strangely calming.

There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth. ~ Mr. Rogers

Circles functionality might be useful on the fediverse (the only thing I liked on the late G+), don't you think?

You could create lists of people (eg. IRL friends / colleagues / shitpost buddies / etc) that you could address particular posts to (or even say 'post to all followers except colleagues').

In Mastodon terms, the dropdown that has Public / Followers-only / Direct options would additionally have each of your circles. Effectively this would work like a group DM, except without having to @ mention (and posts would appear in the feed, not notifications).

In ActivityPub pub terms instead of the 'public' flag or followers Collection being addressed, it could address it directly to each circle member's actor, or to a Collection that represents them. Still need to think through how the list of members could be private (they wouldn't be public, but may need to be knowable to their members so that replies can be addressed, or maybe we just go further and have a Group actor for each circle).

It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

DM asks a #DnD rules question:
"You're the DM, do whatever you want! It's your world, don't be restrained by what's written in a stupid book!"

DM ponders doing less racism in their setting:
"Well I mean that's just how races work, whatcha gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

@bryn For your consideration, I present the Nobody Wins Compromise Bi Flag

And yes, I have where I want it to be... but I'm not running from, I'm heading to.

So much of body acceptance for me came when I stopped trying to feel handsome or beautiful are started actually accepting. This is where my body is.

I was playing minecraft. Met a guy named chip who had somehow managed to get himself on a block at cloud level with nothing under it. Just floating there.

It became my solemn duty to get up there and push him off.

He was so happy someone helped him complete the pun. Chat was groaning. As it should be.

Edgy thought 

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