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just throwing this out there to try to share some of the relief i get from being on my tiny corner of tumblr where the "cancel them they used a bad word" types have been resoundingly cast into the outer darkness
You owned the libs? No, comrade, the libs are open source at this link. We *all* own the libs.

Stumbled on this cartoon about sports and theater. Much to ponder, for fans of either or borh.

As an autistic person, I feel weird about seeing training workshops for cops to learn about autism. I am super vulnerable in certain situations and feel even less safe knowing that cops know what could escalate me no matter what, because 100% they will do it on purpose.

while trying to figure out how to get windows media player to sort by year, i have discovered the worst possible way to listen to music:
play the first song from each of the albums you wish to include. next, play the second song from each of the albums you wish to include. continue in such a fashion until you run out of music.

“Your face just sparkled…”
“That’s such a sweet thing to say!”
“I have an iron deficiency.”

So the Sandman series on Netflix? 

It's good IMHO, and I say that as a fan of the comics.

They changed a lot, of course. Some superficial, some deep in the story's structure.

I think it loses something due to the latter changes. But it's still about as close to the Sandman comics as, uh... let's say as Jackson's LotR is to the books (much better than Jackson's Hobbit, though).

Love the whole “Oh but youre not adressing my points” bigots do when debunking bullshit takes longer than making up more bullshit and all they care about is for the same song and dance to never stop so for noone to question their motivations or broader trends of their statements and actions and instead get sucked into debating details of a bullshit point never made to stand up to scrutiny in the first place

I've been a victim of said people trying to performatively kiss ass, pretending to be on the side of the victims of racism when they're actually just on the side of performatively appearing to be on the side of the victimd of racism, whilst not helping them in any material way and making things worse.

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fediblock, transmisogyny and anti-black racism, abuse, religion, getting tangential 

@edclayand when i first saw the rage dot love name i thought about, like, the wrath of god but god also loving humanity

years later someone finally successfully got it through my head how all that "the more he slew them the more they sought him" stuff was actually following a pattern of abuse and toxicity that would if expressed by a human being be clearly worthy of immediate leaving, seeking safety in a shelter and applying for a restraining order and generally never interacting with that person again

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun? 

Luke warm.

Hey, @thegibson , were you there when they hacked a John Deere tractor to heck and back at Defcon?

I loved the setting at one point, but I don't think i'll ever play Shadowrun again. Fandom's just... yikes.

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